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What is Value Network?

A value network of companies and individuals with deep subject matter expertise:

  • Collaborating on projects U3 Explore "connects the neurons into a highly performant brain"
  • U3 Explore provides validation and reference
  • Is someone "good"?
  • Is someone "reliable"?

The U3 Explore platform supports virtual project delivery with a cloud-native content publishing and distribution platform for technical professionals creating validated and peer-reviewed content

  • Reports, Events, Surveys, Products, Services.
  • Individual or collaborative content creation.
  • Peer review of content for quality
  • E-commerce
  • Design, build, and deploy custom cloud-native, highly scalable, and secure virtual data rooms capable of uploading and managing almost any data and visualization of supported data/file formats with granular user rights.
U3 Explore global content readership

U3 Explore value network services

Subsurface Characterization Projects
  • Regional play-based Geology and Geophysicist assessments for oil and gas, and decarbonization projects
  • Geostrategic exploration advisory
  • Geoscience and engineering project economics and management
  • Data collection/management and methodologies QA/QC
  • Geospatial enablement
  • 2D/3D Seismic planning, acquisition, processing and interpretation
Subsurface Characterization workflows for oil and gas (modified from Milcov, 2015) and for Carbon Capture Storage (modified from Schofield et al., 2022)
Technology Projects
  • Virtual collaboration support
  • Digital G&G and business modelling technology advisory
  • Web & e-commerce design, deployment
  • Cloud engineering
  • UI/UX, software design and development
  • Customized cloud-native solutions
  • Data security
  • Interactive web applications enabling industry-specific workflows with the Virtual Data Room (VDR) data.

U3D - Web application for deep water Basin, Field and Reservoirs

Why U3 Explore – Value Network

Value to our B2B members – extending business capabilities
  • Share the benefits of the group's ethical marketing, business development, and paid digital advertisement
  • Benefit from a network marketing effect (buyers who bought these services are also looking into doing…)
  • Grow sales via a reputable proactive and highly experienced community – e-events and self-publishing
  • Access to global market – going beyond local exposure and individual projects

Value to our Clients – de-risking decisions

  • One stop-shop for selected reputable members of the community – de-risking selection process and transaction.
  • Trusted partners in transition into virtual cloud-based business practices
  • Packaged leading edge virtual cloud-native and domain-knowledge services provided by U3 Explore members
  • Value to international business partners and clients

Extend your skill sets to compete locally by accessing U3 Explore virtual network

  • Project peer assist sessions and external look-back studies
  • Partnerships for local and international project delivery.
  • Custom and Project based training programs
  • We speak English, Spanish, Russian, Turkish/Azeri

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