Virtual Panel: business orchestration of the virtual office

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As a consequence of COVID19, most oil & gas companies have had a work from home policy for many months now. According to our analysis only 25% of pre-COVID personnel are commuting to the office. Remote working has become a daily reality, and the technology supporting it has lots of flavors that requires development of new skills for a company to operate effectively.

Virtual platforms, remote communications and web based meetings are now a standard component of how we conduct our daily business. Combined with ongoing significant staff reductions, the take-up of the virtual office is allowing companies to reduce long term commitments on office space.

There are many flavors of the virtual office, and a range of functional dimensions that impact its effectiveness. The focus of this hour and half long panel discussion is to identify elements of the virtual office that have been particularly successful and the functional dimensions – ranging from personalities through technologies to operational procedures – that will drive our way of working in 2021 and beyond.

Our panelists are:

Jason Assir - digital operations and sales support, Opex Digital,

Volker Hirsinger - oil and gas sub-surface applications and data management - Petrosys

Marel Sanchez - virtual oil and gas project management and road mapping, Actus Veritas Geoscience,

Vitaly Meyer - operational project work in a geographically distributed teams, PetroCubic,

Moderator - Katya Casey - Actus Veritas Geoscience


Introduction of panelists - 15 min

Part 1: 15 min - Business organization: challenge as an individual, teamwork within departments, and teamwork between departments.
Open Q&A

Part 2: 15 min- External collaboration, virtual conferences, data shows, and networking: maintaining effective contacts with peers, clients, and business development.
Open Q&A

Part 3: 15 min - Communications technologies and how we use them:
Open Q&A

Part 4: 15 min - What are the constraints moving forward?
Open Q&A

Closing remarks

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Virtual facilitated panel discussion

Europe-Americas session 10:00-11:30 am CST

Asia-Pacific session 19:00-20:30 CST

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