Daniel Mujica

Principal QSI Geophysical Consultant

Globally experienced and motivated Geophysicist more than 25 yrs. experience in the oil & gas industry. Expert in Quantitative Interpretation and Pore Pressure. Skillful in geophysical exploration, application of statistics in the classification of geological facies, lithology type and hydrocarbons fluid content. Adept at collaborating with and managing geoscientist personnel ensuring a multi-disciplinary approach to all aspects of reservoir development to establish, promote and execute affordable and target-oriented exploratory and production projects in the petroleum industry.

My global experience in the Oil Industry for the past 30 years has endowed me with a keen sense of intellectual curiosity and has helped me develop an expertise in Quantitative Seismic Interpretation and Pore Pressure Prediction. The passion that I have for my profession has made it easy for me to share my wealth of knowledge with others by way of serving as a technical reviewer for the Society of Exploration Geophysicist (SEG) publication as well as performing as technical trainer, lecturer and instructor of related topics in geoscience with younger professionals and new graduated employees.

In Saudi Arabia, I worked on Seismic Pore Pressure projects as well as 3-D Quantitative Seismic Interpretation, integrating available rock physics models to pre-stack seismic data for the prediction of lithology and pore fluids for siliciclastic and carbonates depositional systems. I was also tasked to be the regular lecturer of the Seismic Modeling and Inversion course for the Professional Training Center of Saudi Aramco (UPDC-Aramco). In Northern Mexico, I led the Reservoir Studies Team for the Paradigm Service Company. Lectured a Pore Pressure Seismic Prediction Course for Poza Rica Asset-PEMEX. In Venezuela, I led technological support for PVSDA that helped define new prospects with potential reserves of light oil and associated gas in the area.  I was given the opportunity to act as an instructor for the dedicated professional training centers of Venezuela (PDVSA-CIED). Additionally, I have collaborated with; contributed to and led multi-disciplinary projects for the geographical regions from South Africa, China, North America, South America and Middle East.

I also have extensive experience in geophysical exploration, risk analysis, production and exploitation of hydrocarbons. I have acquired a particular set of skills that allows me to find, predict, and extract oil and gas from existing fields as well as search for potential new targets.  I also possess a certain acumen in estimating and integrating Pore Pressure Models and Wellbore Stability Analysis into mud-weight operational windows for pre-drill design, execution, and post-drill analysis of range of well types.

More recently, as the founder and Principal Advisor/Consultant of DanMu GeoSolutions LLC, I provide client-oriented and customized G&G consulting, advising and training services in: Seismic Processing and Conditioning, QSI, Rock Physics Modeling (effective medium theory), PP/FG pre-drill modeling, Seismic PP, WBS and related studies.

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