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We are planning a set of virtual value networking events where participants can have topical interactions with 2-3 experienced practitioners. In a current turbulent situation, people are looking for beacons to a safe path forward. Innovation is perceived to be a critical differentiator to success in the market. Applying innovative workflows, knowing the innovator's assumptions, is essential to the quality of the conclusions. The organizational layout is also crucial to the quality of the outcomes of our work. Based on our survey results, people see current corporate processes as the roadblocks to innovation. Yet, they are hopeful for more meaningful work post-COVID-19. We are preparing a set of virtual events to provide support to E&P professionals. People want to understand where do they fit in the business value delivery and wish to have a more holistic view of the business. Our sequence of events addresses some of these key discussion points. Our events will follow a scorecard approach of an E&P organization.

The logical flow of our round-table topics for facilitated live virtual events

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