Kevin Schofield

Principal Geologist

Kevin’s 37 years of experience in technical leadership and SME roles has resulted in a deep integrated understanding of exploration, development and project oversight in deepwater petroleum systems in the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea & West Africa. He has also worked extensively in the Middle East & Australasia. As a Divisional and Corporate Chief Geologist he developed significant experience in integrated project assurance, & individual and team development. He has developed/delivered short- and long-form courses for industry in Play-Based Exploration and Integrated Project Development.



A technical leader with a career record of rapidly mastering a brief and establishing credibility with leadership, peers, and staff. Consistent results in exploration and asset appraisal/ development with an emphasis on deepwater assets. Committed to ensuring integration between Business and Functions and identifying and breaking down organizational silos through the cooperative development and application of business processes. An experienced practitioner of technical assurance and mentoring at all levels, developing individual competence, organizational capability and excellence in delivery.  


Professional Experience


Actus Veritas Geoscience and U3 Explore Network                       2020 – Present


Participating in AVGeo collaborative, multidisciplinary projects as a member of a subject matter experts team delivering and advising on geoscience and engineering aspects of subsurface characterization, instructor for E&P project evaluation methodologies and their application in subsurface characterization for carbon sequestration projects.

  • Workshop- Heuristic Biases in Analysis of an Exploration Portfolio
  • Training Course - Introduction to Industrial Geoscience
  • AAPG ICE Class- Application of Oil and Gas industry skills and experiences in the carbon trading economy

GEO Advisors                                                                                                      2017 – 2019


An individual consultancy providing subject-matter expertise in assurance, business processes and technical mentoring, e.g:

  • Teaching MSc modules on “Play-Based Exploration” and “Development Processes and Practices” for a UK University contracted to a Major NOC.
  • Member of a Consultancy multi-disciplinary team on a Zero-Based Budgeting project fora major oil company.
  • Representing a farm-out proposal to potential buyers on behalf of a UK Independent.
  • Business Manager (inventory control, compliance, “front of house” manager) for a small business in my home town.

Mærsk Oil & Gas                                                                                                 2011 - 2016


Gulf of Mexico Operated-by-Others Project Manager, Maersk Oil Houston       2016

Accountable for leading the technical/commercial team working Maersk Oil’s Deepwater Paleogene assets in the Gulf of Mexico: technical work programs, corporate reporting, and stakeholder management (internal and external).  

  • On-time,on-budget delivery of updated models for the Jack Asset to fulfill requirements of Corporate Reserves Reporting process.
  • Leadership of on-time Jack project transition to Copenhagen, maintaining staff morale through office closure.
  • Managed expectations of internal and external stakeholders through process of withdrawal from Buckskin Project.
  • Identified need for, and managed, exit from Gulf of Mexico exploration leases, saving Maersk Oil 6.3 million dollars.


CorporateChief Geologist                                                                                                     2012- 2015

Global Discipline Leadership for Geology (220 people, processes, tools, technology and assurance) in integrated partnership with four other Discipline Chiefs in a subsurface organization of approximately 700 staff.

  • Led multi-disciplinary teams providing integrated assurance for three “Category 1”capital projects (net investment >$200 million) to the point of Final Investment Decision (two in Gulf of Mexico, one in Norway).
  • Active in Exploration peer reviews for Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Kurdistan and W. Africa.
  • Discipline area leader collaborating with HR to develop and deliver processes in the areas of recruitment, training, career development (particularly for “early-years” staff) and capability.
  • Drove knowledge management initiatives: reviving and encouraging Communities of Practice; prime instigator and co-organizer of integrated subsurface conference attended by 60% of subsurface staff.
  • ubsurface leader on steering committee for project that delivered and embedded a renewed Well Delivery Process.


Geoscience Manager, Copenhagen                                                                                       2011- 2012

Leader of a team of 15 geoscience specialists providing integrated technical services to the business in the areas of petroleum systems, structural and sedimentary geology, reservoir quality and petrophysics.

  • Active prioritization of workload and delivery of projects in Global Exploration and Development assets.
  • Documentation and propagation of Best Practices within the team and out into the business.
  • Member of the Global Exploration Leadership Team (portfolio, risk, processes)


BHPBilliton Petroleum


Manager Interpretive Services/Functional Geoscience                                              2010 - 2011

Functional Leadership of the Geoscience Discipline, and management of a team of 22 professionals providing technical service to the business in petroleum systems, structural and sedimentary geology, reservoir quality, Petrophysics, Quantitative. Geophysics and Reservoir Technology for Gulf of Mexico and Global assets.

  • Management and prioritization of a $12 million budget for technology collaboration with industry and academia.
  • Integrated work with HR team to deliver initiatives in staff development (a “Career Ladder” for technical and management progression) and capability measurement and development (introduction of the Petroskills process).


VicePresident Geoscience Technology                                                                                2007– 2010

Leader of BHP Billiton’s Geoscience Technology team with a direct-spend budget of $12 –20 million. Four direct reports and a staff of up to 67 employees &contractors, accountable in the areas of safe delivery of seismic and other geophysical operations (particularly for BHPB’s deepwater exploration portfolio and development assets in the Gulf of Mexico); technical service provision to the business from New Ventures to Production, and maintaining BHP Billiton Petroleum’s position as a fast-follower/early adopter in critical technology areas.

  • Took a direct role in safety audits and delivery the Safety Message at the start of all contractor field activities, completing more than a dozen surveys of different types, 1.5 million man-hours with zero LTIs.
  • Member of the Global Exploration Leadership team


Chief Geoscientist, Development & Production                                                                   2003- 2007

Member of a closely integrated team with Chiefs of Petroleum & Reservoir Engineering, and a Reserves Coordinator,jointly responsible for oversight of risk and uncertainty management associated with the delivery of reserves and production from new projects and existing assets,largely in Deepwater settings in the Gulf of Mexico and Western Australia.

  • Collaborated with other Chiefs to develop and deliver a Peer Assist and Review process for Capital Projects.
  • Played a significant role within a team of 15 - 20 individuals “designing” a new organizational model for the Petroleum business under the guidance of the new CEO.


Conoco/ConocoPhillips                                                                                         1997- 2003


Geoscience Manager, Greater Kuparuk Asset, ConocoPhillips Inc.                            2002 - 2003

Team Lead for 11 professionals working in multidisciplinary teams with responsibility for projects on five Assets including Kuparuk, its satellites West Sak, Tarn, Meltwater and Tabasco and Infield/Nearfield Exploration.

  • Quickly established credibility with a jaded team, going on to deliver on all team goals associated with a North Slope winter drilling programme with three conventional rigs, a coiled-tubing unit and workover rig.
  • Managed a change of seismic interpretation platform with no loss of productivity.


Chief Geologist, Conoco (UK) Ltd.                                                                                        2000- 2002

With the Chief Reservoir Engineer and Chief Geophysicist, jointly responsible for the technical quality of the work carried out in the UK N Sea and Western Margins E & P organization. Member of the Aberdeen Exploration Leadership team.


Global Deepwater SME, Conoco Houston.                                                                       1997 - 2000

As global lead for deepwater sedimentology and seismic stratigraphy, worked with most of Conoco’s deepwater E&P teams delivering regional play identification and reservoir characterization efforts worldwide, including plays in the Gulf of Mexico, the Brazilian marginal basins, West Africa, the Black Sea, the Atlantic Margins of the UK and Norway, and the US Lower 48.

  • Introduced and disseminated “Best Practices” in deepwater stratigraphy across the company.


British Petroleum                                                                                                   1982- 1997


Numerous roles as a specialist Sedimentologist and Seismic Stratigrapher working on Exploration and Development projects in petroleum basins worldwide. 7 years in Gulf of Mexico Exploration and Appraisal, 3 in N Sea Appraisal, 5 in Global basins.


Practical Skillset



37 years of practical industry experience in Exploration, Development Projects and Producing Assets as both an individual contributor (18 years) and technical leader (16 years). Three years as an independent consultant.


Functional Integration:

  • Long-standing experience and reputation for fostering integration between technical disciplines as an individual contributor in exploration and development teams and technical resource team leader.
  • Selected to serve on internal teams developing integrated processes in technical (for example a renewed well-planning and delivery process at Maersk Oil) and HR areas (see Capability below).



  • Direct involvement in structured assurance processes in Exploration and Development for 20 years, both as a developer and reviewer of prospects and on development teams, and as a member of exploration and project assurance teams.
  • Leader of Integrated Assurance teams in both exploration and major projects contexts, covering both technical (Subsurface and Well/Facilities Engineering) and business (Commercial and Economic) contexts.
  • Provision of formal and informal Peer Assist advice as a Geoscience Functional Leader at Conoco, BHP Billiton and Maersk Oil.


  • Developed a Stage-Gate Peer Review process for Development Projects at BHP Billiton
  • Assisted in developing a Stage-Gated Exploration review process at Maersk Oil.

Capability Management:

  • Development of Technical &Technical Leadership Career Ladder structures at BHP Billiton and a Technical Ladder Maersk Oil.
  • Development and practical implementation of Technical Training protocols and curricula at BHP Billiton and Maersk Oil.
  • Cooperative development of Career management and Talent management processes at Maersk Oil.
  • Direct management of teams at ConocoPhillips, BHP Billiton and Maersk Oil with application of associated corporate assessment and development processes.


Coaching and Mentoring:

·        One-on-one coaching and mentoring for technical staff in the areas of data interpretation and presentation skills at Conoco, BHP Billiton and Maersk Oil. Leadership coaching for junior team leads at BHP and Maersk oil.


Stakeholder management:

·        Internal expectation management of stakeholders within a broad range of functional and leadership cadres (HR,Technical, Executive Leadership, Legal and Commercial) while undertaking Assurance and Project Leadership roles.

·        External stakeholder Management(partners, regulators) while managing projects.


Project Leadership:

·        Management of multi-disciplinary teams (geoscience, engineering, finance, economics) for development projects at Maersk and ConocoPhillips.

·        Leader of multi-functional assurance teams with oversight of Category 1 (USD 500MM+) projects from Initiate to Define at BHP Billiton and Maersk Oil.

·        Extensive cooperative work with Exploration project leaders and managers as an individual contributor and Functional Leader


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