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U3 Explore

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U3 stands for Unlocked, Untold, Unfiltered stories of people with exploratory mindsets sharing their vast experiences in delivering complex geotechnical projects. Problem-solving skills are the heart of what we do. The art of asking the right questions came with experience and collegial conversations. We continue them in our U3 Explore virtual events.

We want to invite our existing and new readers to register for our VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE and ask us any question that might be on your mind these days.  2020 turned out to be a challenging yet very productive year for U3 Explore authors and you can read and view more products of our group on

Register to join us on March 4th at 10:00-11:30 am CST. The Open House will be held as a moderated panel discussion.

You may submit your questions before the event by Clicking Ask Question button at the bottom of the page


Introduction of U3 Explore - 15 min

Part 1: 15 min- Working on a project in cross-disciplinary teams
Open Q&A

Part 2: 15 min - Critical skills and specializations
Open Q&A

Part 3: 15 min - Working in E&P organizations: past-present-future
Open Q&A

Part 4: 15 min – Learning models

Open Q&A  

Closing remarks

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This is a free event. Zoom call details will be sent 24 hours before the event

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