TerraEx Group

TerraEx Group is a company dedicated to Geoscience knowledge transfer in the Hydrocarbon industry. We specialize in training, coaching and consulting on upstream exploration issues. Our business model is customized solutions integrating online and onsite training with customer data and individual support.

At TerraEx Group we believe in an integrated approach where lines between Training – Coaching – Consulting are blurred. We provide a holistic service pan that is tailored razor sharp to your current needs, challenges, time and budgetary constraints. Our pricing scheme is competitive and flexible  because we understand every client has different  challenges, whether you mainly train your employees internally but need very specific additional training or you have one large project you want to outsource, or you need support throughout the year or you need to bring your new employees up to speed.

We have assembled a team of high-profile experts who work closely together to multiply their expertise and experience.  All subject matter experts are hand-picked for their technical expertise, industry and teaching experience with strong academic backgrounds and many years of first hand Oil & Gas industry exposure.

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