Catalina Luneburg

Founder and Director

Catalina Luneburg, PhD is the owner and director of TerraEx Group, a Geoscience training and consulting company with an innovative services model. She is a recognized Structural Geology/Tectonics expert with over 25 years of experience in academics and the HC industry. She specializes in the validation of HC basins worldwide and has a proven track record in structural geology modeling, 2D/3D balancing and restorations as well as HC estimates, 3D frameworks, fracture prediction. She has held positions with Halliburton, GeoLogic Systems and Midland Valley.

Key Competencies

Dedicated to solutions and knowledge transfer in the energy industry assessing geologic settings andeconomic potential. Recognized expert in the validation of a variety of basins and petroleum systems worldwide applying best practices and innovative structural modeling and restoration techniques. Support companies in decision making and stream lining workflows by using the most accurate possible geologic model as a basis.  

Unique skill set based on a solid scientific/technical background combined with geomodeling proficiency, strong management/communication abilities and a comprehensive understanding of industry workflows. Passionate to unravel the most complex geologic scenarios and deformation histories.

Structural Interpretation and Validation |  Structural Restoration and Balancing | Tectonic HC scenarios | Geomodeling Proficiancy | Economic Potential Evaluation | Project Management | Training and Mentoring | Software Design and Developement | Competency Assessment and Management


Selected Expertise

Teaching and Training

·       Course developer and instructor of customized training (TerraEx Group)

·       Instructor of LithoTect Software software training and Structural Geology workflows and solutions

·       Assessment of competencies and training needs of companies, projects and individuals

Consulting Projects

·       Balanced cross sections, 2D/3D restorations, backstripping with decompaction and isostatic/subsidence adjustment, compressional fold and thrust         belts,extensional and salt-dominated settings, fractured reservoirs, time/depth conversion, natural fracture prediction, 3D framework building, volumetric analysis

·       Regional examples: Zagros Mts, Irak; Papuan Basin, P. New Guinea; Kazakhstan; SanJoaquin Valley, CA; Offshore Madagascar; Cantarell, Veracruz Fields,         Mexico;Palo Marcado, Bolivia; Central Block, Trinidad; Valhall, N. Sea; Gulf ofMexico; Maverick Basin, TX; Basin and Range, NV; Offshore Greenland; Oman

Research Projects

·       Structural validation of 3D frameworks and volumetric accuracy (Teapot Dome,WY,  Nigeria)

·       Structural restoration of salt bodies (Mississippi Canyon, Gulf of Mexico)

·       Mechanical and kinematic modeling of the interaction of natural and induced fractures

·       Kinematic evolution and strain tracking to predict natural fracture patterns (TeapotDome, WY)

·       Fracture patterns, azimuthal seismic attributes and stress/strain proxies in the Marcellus Shale

·       Tectonic model and evolution of fault and fracture patterns in the Niobrara Formation

Management and Leadership

·       Competency Assessment of companies, projects, individuals

·       Project Management

·       Economic Assessment

·       Software design and development

Geoscience Software Proficiency

·       DecisionSpace Geosciences (Landmark) – expert level

·       LithoTect Software (Landmark) – expert level

·       MOVE Software (Midland Valley) – expert level

·       Petrel Software (Schlumberger) – working knowledge


Professional Experience

TerraEx  Group, LLC; Golden, CO – Founder and Director(2016 -  present)

   Heading business for Geocience consulting, training and mentoring services to the energyindustry

Petroskills -Course Director and Instructor  (2007 –2016)

   Development and teaching of a course on extensional structural HC traps in public and  inhouse settings

Landmark Software,Highlands Ranch, CO (2009 – 2016)

   Senior Scientistfor Unconventional Reservoir Technologies and Product Manager for framework building

   and structural modeling software

GeoLogic Systems(GLS), Boulder, CO - Senior Geologist (2007 – 2009)

   Structural Geology consulting projects for the Oil & Gas industry using LithoTect Software

Midland Valley(MVE), Golden, CO - Structural Geologist (2006 – 2007)

   Structural Geology consulting projects for the Oil & Gas industry using MOVE Software



Ph.D. Natural Sciences Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland

   (supervisors: J.G. Ramsay,  M. Casey).

Diploma Geology/Paleontology Ludwig-MaximilianUniversity (LMU), Munich, Germany

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