Carlos Giraldo

Structural Geologist

Sr. Geologist with more than 30 yrs. of experience in H.C. Exploration & Production. In 1985 while doing research in Neotectonics (FUNVISIS) received a Doctorate degree in Structural Geology (France). From 1988 to 2003 in the Venezuelan oil industry as Seismic Interpreter & Team Leader (PDVSA) and part-time as Professor at University. Between 1995-1997 worked on Oil Field operations and planning (BP). Since 2004, assessed exploration of European & N. African basins (REPSOL) and around SE Asia, Red Sea, W. Africa, S. America, and GOM (PETRONAS,2015-2020).


Senior Geologist Engineer (1980 U.C.V., Venezuela) and Structural Styles Advisor with more than 30 years of experience in Exploration and Production: from Geology operations to Prospect and Development plans.

In 1985 while conducting research in  Neotectonics and Geodynamics (FUNVISIS), he received a Doctorate in Structural Geology (University of  Montpellier, France)  and between  1988 and 2003 he joined  the  Oil and Gas business in Venezuela  as Seismic Interpreter and Team Leader at PDVSA, and part-time as Professor at the Central University of Venezuela. Between 1995 and 1997 he  acquired fundamental expertise in Field operations and production plans (BP Venezuela).

Since 2004, he assessed   exploration areas around European and North African basins with REPSOL and around Southeast Asia, Red Sea,West Africa, South America, and Gulf of México with PETRONAS (2015-2020). Training and mentoring of less experienced staff members was part of daily activities for the past 5 years.

Very proactive geoscientist and able to work efficiently in multidisciplinary teams. More details about his technical experience at ResearchGate and Linkedin.


INDEPENDENT Consultant: (June 2020-Present day): part - time Professor at INGEOEXPERT (Structural Geology of sedimentary basins).

PETRONAS (2015 -2020)

2D Restorations and tectonics evolution along Suriname, Sudan, East Canada, West Africa, Myanmar, Indonesia and Malaysia. Also training Junior staff members of Petronas

REPSOL (2004 – 2015)

In charge of Seismic 2D interpretation and evaluation of Structural styles along Assets: Conventional & un-conventional Hydrocarbons regional projects (North-Africa, Atlantic margins,Western and Eastern Europe), Far-East / South-America and Iberia: Cádiz Gulf and Alborán Projects.

Consulting  (2003– 2004)

International Consulting on Regional Geology, Basin Analysis and Structural Interpretation

PDVSA (1997 -2003)

Exploration Geologist and Team Leader of exploration Projects along Eastern foothills. Also as structural Geologist using Thrust Pack 2d.

BP Venezuela (1995 -1997)

Exploration Geologist and well-site geologist involved in the acquisition of Exploration Blocks and also in the Subsurface Pedernales field team.

PDVSA (1988 -1995)

Exploration Geologist and Structural Geologist in CORPOVEN. Seismic 2D interpreter and also Field Geologist and Operations Geologist of Exploration Wells. In regional evaluation Team actively participated in the Barinas Foothills Discovery wells campaign.


Venezuelan Foundation for the Seismological Research FUNVISIS (1980- 1988)

Geoscientist at the in charge of Neotectonics and Seismotectonics evaluations in northern Venezuela and Seismic risk understanding.



Geologist Engineer (1981) -U.C.V., Venezuela) / Doctoral Degree (1985) - U.S.T.L.,Montpellier, France   Languages: Spanish, French and English.    


TEACHING EXPERIENCE                                                                      

1993-2003: Structural Geology and Advanced Geodynamics at the Central University of Venezuela (U.C.V., Caracas).

2012:Structural Geology / Curso Gaviota –Repsol (Escuela de Minas / Madrid)



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