We live in a digital time yet, I will argue, that most oil and gas professionals' behaviors were formed using analog data with limited computational power when specialists had to come up with algorithms created around computing limitations.

Today, we carry our non-digital and first-generation digital habits into the evolving digital world without required adjustments at work and home. Some of our frustrations are similar to trying to use rotary phone concepts while using a smartphone (NB: we kept the name of the device, but its technology has nothing in common with the phones of the 20th century). Often it is simply dangerous to continue to use our old digital practices in a new technology environment. There are significant generational communication gaps that need to be resolved before discussing new technologies. Didn't you notice that we are using the same words, but different generations put very different meanings? The best way to be effective in virtual work is to learn from our collective 2020 experiences when all of us were forced to work in a virtual environment. 

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