Coastline Exploration company has partnered with Actus Veritas Geosciences (AVGEO) to prepare a geological assessment offshore Somalia. The industry experts have assessed three sub-basins of the Somali passive margin at the play fairway level. The U3Explore community platform facilitated the collaboration of the technical team members. The study confirmed the existence of multiple Exploration Plays with clastic and carbonate reservoirs in water depths between 1500 and 3200m. In contrast to the basins further south along the margin, most of the modeled source rock interval lies within the oil window, and high-confidence leads are associated with large, long-lived, charge-focusing highs. Coastline estimates that discoveries in these plays would have the potential to deliver up to 100,000 barrels of oil per day when developed.
Richard Anderson- Coastline Exploration's CEO, is excited about the basin's potential: " We are pleased with the study results and are looking for partners to develop the blocks. We are ready to open the data room for interested parties to attend."
AVGEO is the founder of U3 Explore - an agile network of petroleum industry experts that operates with high standards of alignment, collaboration, and peer review processes to ensure client value delivery. U3 Explore is an ecosystem that provides a platform for team members to work effectively.
The Coastline Exploration team participated in the Oil and Gas  East Africa 2023 show in Tanzania, Dar es Salam where it officially launched the data room campaign.