Now it is time to plan our future

In times of distress, the greatest enemies of the plans forward are:

  • Following pre-crisis assumptions that do not work
  • Denial of the new baseline realities
  • “Business will be normal again” mindset
  • “Give me examples of this solution used elsewhere”, etc. etc.  

You know the drill. The truth is we ALL are in uncharted territory but there is solution our there and we need to find it.

What is next?

There are many questions to be answered. Fast recovery depends on consistent approach from decision makers who will shape the post 2020 landscape. Yet, in our digital age we all can do something about it. Let's start by answering a few simple questions to determine "the temperature" inside the companies we work for.

Are you ready to participate in our experiment? The results of the survey will be published here in U3 Explore, they will be regularly updated with new data coming in.

Please take our survey

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