Skills for Digital Transformation

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Francia A. Galea Alvarez
Skills for Digital Transformation

Definitions and keywords for Competency, Skills, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and Employability Skills. Here are links to two references for applications and practical use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Examples (2), quite important for sport-liking people, are shown like the skills, the technologies, and results on MLB games, where the key to success is human passion. This work was presented at VAPA Venezuelan American Petroleum Association, November 2019.

Presentation Content:

  1. Competency and key words
  2. Competencies and Skills
  3. Classic definitions related to Competencies in Business
  4. Skills in US
  5. Top 10 Employability Skills
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  1. What is needed?
  2. Artificial Intelligence - Definitions
  3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  4. What to do?
  5. Artificial Intelligence – One Reference
  6. Machine Learning- One Reference
  7. Digital Transformation – The Human Passion
  8. Digital Transformation, AI and ML  – The Human Passion
  9. The Statement

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