What is it?

It is private initiative for recovering and updating the geological stratigraphically nomenclature of Venezuela based on validated geological research and study resources.

Why is important?

Last 20 years have not been advancing in the geological and geophysical studies in Venezuela for Oil and Gas Industry. Political intervention since Chavez Government’s did not invest to modernize institutions and Universities, in consequence research and advance in Geoscience knowledge have been very limited inside the country. Lack of resources produce silos in the research in the universities creating non-digital information that has not been published by the professional societies in Spanish neither in English.

We will plan to build a digital validate database of the Venezuela geology in a U3 platform environment :

  • To engage lesson learned in a century of O&G exploration
  • Create a validated source of Geological framework of Venezuela
  • To avoid the pitfalls for the future
  • Create a compelling story telling about the E&P development in Venezuela in recent years
  • Understand How Geology has created high social impact and social development
  • Collect the story telling for experienced professionals on the E&P
  • Creating an accelerated digital transformation of geological available data for impacting future value creation and decision making

What is the problem?

Data and reliable references are not publicly accessible, and mistakes are propagating through recent publications on Venezuelan geology and energy industry assessments

Who is affected by this problem?

Current operators, and future O&G investors in the oil and gas industry, every geoscientist/engineer working with geological data and new generations of students.


  1. Professional Geological, Geophysical and Petroleum Professional Societies in Venezuela
  2. Colegio de Ingenieros de Venezuela- collegiate association of all engineers register for professionals working in Venezuela- who works in collaboration with a wider engineering community as civil engineering, construction, land; technology and education
  3. Individual professionals who are looking to access to a validated study
  4. Oil and gas industry companies operating in Venezuela
  5. Government institutions and local government

Which are the Milestones in the project?

Creating a Governance between Actus Veritas Geoscience and Collaborators -structure including professional societies and sponsors
  • Validation of information given (closer contributors).
  • Digitalization of material in US provided by collaborators.
  • Assessment of Digitization of documents in other countries Venezuela/Colombia.
  • Analytics with AI and ML with main geological attributes/tags of first documentation compiled.
  • Assessment of GIS existing projects and future development.
  • Data Validation & Data Analysis.
  • Detecting gaps in knowledge base (location, picture, section type)
  • Creating field work program to be collaborating with Universities
  • Incorporating GIS stories with validated geo-locations
  • Creating an inventory of the data with AI/ML software able to produce a search.
  • We will present results of U3 Explore Venezuela project

Learn about the valuable experience and knowledge that Francia Galea one of our main advisors in the project