Vaca Muerta Formation Report , Argentina

Exploration potential

Located in the southwestern Argentina, the Neuquén Basin has a variated type of reservoirs, source rocks and structural styles that confers an exceptional and excited challenge for petroleum geologist for more than 100 years.

This report offers a revised interpretation of the regional geology and updates of the main parameters of a shale play, such as regional variations in source rock thickness, maturity and total organic content. It also displays 32 figures with detailed maps, well logs,cross-sections, seismic lines, and more.

The report is intended for geoscientists on new venture and exploration teams as well as entrepreneurs looking for business venture opportunities.

This extensive report is written in Spanish and is available for purchase and/or discussion  with the author in consultation. This consultation could be in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Outline of the report:

  • Exploration History
  • Regional Geology
  • Stratigraphy
  • Vaca Muerta Formation Characteristics
  • Mineralogy, Petrophysics and Geomechanics
  • Petroleum System
  • Exploration Potential
  • Conclusions
  • References
Some of useful and updated information consist in:
  • Vaca Muerta Fm. regional maps with blocks :
  1. Total Organic Carbon (TOC Wt%)  , average values.
  2. Maturity (Ro %), average values
  3. Total thickness in meters.
  4. High TOC section thickness map
  5. Faults and fractures associated with production (Sweetspots?)
  • Logs using Passey method
  • Production per well and zone
  • Tables and graphs with number of wells and type vs production per year.
  • Summary of main development block
  • Estimated resources/reserves.