Stratigraphy, Biostratigraphy and Source Rocks of Petroleum basins

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Stratigraphy and Biostratigraphy ans Source Rock

  • Introduction
  • Definitions
  • Data quality
  • Types of fossils and biostratigraphic analysis

Fossils used in petroleum geology: calcareous and siliceous microfossils, nannoplankton, sporomorphs, dinoflagellates, conodonts, and others.

  • Index fossils and Biozonatios. Examples from different basins and regions
  • High resolution biostratigraphy and examples
  • Biofacies. Paleoenvironments interpretation integrating biostratigraphy
  • Practical exercise using different biozones and the interpretation of paleoenvironments in order to develop a map of an exploratory area

Sequence Stratigraphic Framework

  • Identification of maximum flooding surfaces (mfs) in a chronostratigraphic framework  
  • Biostratigraphic input for the interpreted stratigraphic sequences and systems tracts
  • Integration of biostratigraphic information with seismic and well logs
  • Exercise of the interpretation of maximum flooding surfaces by reviewing and integrating the data

Stratigraphy and Petroleum System

  • Elements of the petroleum system with emphasis in source rock  
  • Source rock: correlation of biofacies with TOC
  • Age of processes: Trap     formation and Generation-migration-accumulation of hydrocarbon
  • Fossils and thermal maturation  (TMI)
  • Petroleum System chart, with examples of some basins

Exercise: with the data provided, each participant will build the event scheme of a petroleum system

Development of the Chronostratigraphic Chart

  • Wheeler's Diagram

Participants will build the chronostratigraphic chart of a transect in an oil basin, identifying the source rock

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