Deploying petroleum play-based exploration methodologies for carbon storage site characterization

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The EPA application process for the injection project permit is an iterative process, requiring the completion of an extensive questionnaire that covers a detailed description of the subsurface, addressing regional and local aspects of the storage container. We propose that the Play-based assessment methodology developed and successfully used in Petroleum exploration during the last two decades could be deployed for the characterization of the risks and uncertainties of the Area of Review (AoR) as defined by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for Class 6 well (CCUS) permit approval process.

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Registration for ICE AAPG Cartagena 2022, Colombia.

THEME 6: CCUS: Feasibility Studies, "New" Exploration Methodologies and Piloting

Wednesday, April 22d, 1:30-3:15 pm session in Barahona 1 room

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