Complete biostratigraphic services at Biostratigraphy Laboratory

Department of Environmental Studies is provided by the lead investigator Professor Humberto Carvajal Chitti. The list of services includes micropaleontology (foraminifera), calcareous nanoplankton, palynology, palynofacies, well site biostratigraphy, stratigraphic reviews, correlation studies for a minimum of 50 samples from wells or outcrops.

Biostratigraphy Services includes:

  • Preparation of samples for foraminifera, calcareous nannofossils, and palynology for 50 samples (wells or outcrop)
  • Samples analysis for foraminifera, calcareous nannofossils, and palynology by a biostratigrapher specialist of each fossil group (identification and counting)
  • A consolidated written report with biostratigraphic charts (summary, foraminifera, calcareous nannofossils, and palynology)

This product includes a biostratigraphic interpretation of a well section or outcrop samples; a written report with the integrated results for age and palaeo-environments. The final product could be ready for discussion with the client between 8-10 weeks after samples arrived to the laboratory for preparation.

  • A minimum of 50 samples is needed for this service. If you have more than 50 samples, please contact for a detailed schedule and pricing.

The cost of sample shipment is not included in pricing and to be covered by a client.

Additional service: computational biostratigraphy

  • To calibrate biostratigraphic analysis, the client must provide a minimum of 2 wells from the same area. The final product will include stratigraphic correlation between wells and multivariant statistical analysis.

Requirements for the client dataset to perform computational biostratigraphy analysis:

  • Biostratigraphic data for each well (foraminifera, calcareous nannofossils, and palynology)
  • Well logs

The final product is a chart and a report.

If you have more than two wells, please ask for details and pricing.

Please contact Humberto Carvajal-Chitty for more details and sample shipment cost estimates

Prof. Dr. Humberto Carvajal Chitty

Lead Investigator

Universidad Simón Bolívar

Departamento de Estudios Ambientales

Laboratorio de Bioestratigrafía

Caracas, Venezuela