Integrated Projects: A Beginners Guide, or Everything You Wanted to Know about Working on a Project, but were Afraid to Ask

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This workshop is based on a week-long “Industrial Applications” module originally taught towards the conclusion of a petroleum geoscience MSc course at a UK university. The target audience is professionals (geoscientists and engineers) in the first ten years of their career who have limited experience in working in a Development Project, either because their prior career history has been in exploration, or because they are new to the industry.

The workshop provides an introduction into the way in which a project is structured and the integrated work elements that move it forward. The structural framework (the Stage-Gate Process) within which the work of the project is undertaken provides the framework for the course, and a context for attendees to understand how their own work contributes to and integrates with the project. Within that framework attendees with gain a practical understanding of the various work elements necessary to the understanding and mitigation of risk and uncertainty and consequent decision-making in a project.  



Risk, uncertainty and exploration project legacy: What do we Know, What do we Need to Know?

Stage-gate processes: the integration of technical and commercial work leads to good decisions.

The Gates: Inputs and Outputs to each stage will be covered in the various modules.

Data and Data Management: The value of Good Governance.

Volumetrics: What do I have, Where is it?

Petroleum Economics: How much is my project worth? What levers do I have to improve it?

Reserves and Resources: The basis of Corporate Value; the Rules and Regulations.

Project Management: Planning to Deliver Success.

Short exercises will be provided on Appraisal Decisions, Volumetrics, Petroleum Economics and Reserves and Resources.


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Online Workshop (4 meetings x 2 hrs)

March 15, 17, 22, 24, 2021

at 10:00 -12:00 am CST

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Cost 400.00 US$

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