Webinar - Geophysical Solutions for the Reservoir Characterization

Actus Veritas Geoscience

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This is a quick technology tour that covers fundamentals of QI and Pore Pressure Prediction (PPP). The concepts and workflows are briefly presented and their potential benefits during prospecting for oil and gas and appraisal of the reservoirs are discussed. This webinar is part of the a formal training and is included in the introductory module of a complete Pore Pressure course offered within the catalog of the courses on the U3 Explore platform.

Some of the items of discussion during this webinar are:

  • Seismic data conditioning for QI & PP
  • EEI as feasibility tool before Seismic Inversion
  • Lithological Substitution
  • Deterministic & Stochastic Inversions
  • PP modeling
  • Rock Strength and Pore Pressure

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Basic knowledge in Oil and Gas Exploration

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