The original Cossey Deepwater Turbidite Database is now available in an updated format through U3D (the database branch of U3 Explore), The database has been completely custom upgraded to a new version of the software with an enhanced searching interface and new analytics options. It is now continually updated with new information instead of the previous scheduled twice-per-year updates. The data content is now over 1340 Deepwater fields and 400 reservoirs which can be searched on 120 different parameters. Emphasis will be placed on worldwide play-type analogs. Contact us at U3 Explore to subscribe and add this valuable database to your exploration toolbox.

Continual updates include adding all other reservoir types (besides Deepwater) so that searches can include fluvial, deltaic, all shallow marine, and carbonate reservoir fields. Our goal is to add at least 1000 more fields in these environments in 2023 to make the Cossey-U3D Database the most comprehensive, accurate, searchable field and reservoir database available to the industries that require subsurface characterization in deep water environments.

The Wisdom Warehouse

The WISDOM WAREHOUSE is a knowledge database that can be effective in organizing and providing easy access to information. However, the effectiveness of a knowledge database depends on several factors, such as the quality and relevance of the information it contains, the ease of use and accessibility, and the ability to update and maintain the database. Properly implemented and well-maintained, knowledge databases can be a valuable resource for organizations and individuals‍

Map with the geographic locations of the fields in the U3D- Cossey database