IGS International Corp

Powering the Energy Transition towards the decarbonization and zero CO2 emissions

IGS is synonymous with integrated, effective and innovative solutions in Geophysics, Geology and Engineering in a wide spectrum of applications ranging from seismic survey design and data processing to integrated interpretation and static model generation to reservoir engineering, well design and development plans for oil and gas fields.

IGS already has made the leap towards the Energy Transition. In this new era for cleaner energy and net zero emissions toward year 2050, we have been structuring projects to obtain hydrogen via natural gas processing (blue, torques) or water electrolysis (green). This new type of energy where the renewable (wind and solar) energy source is used and where in the process the CO2 is captured and sequestrated or better yet not produced at all, made us a greener company that has the vision to contribute for a cleaner and safety word to live.

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