Jesus Sierra


Holds a BSc in Physics from Simón Bolivar University in Venezuela and a MSc. in Earth and Planetary Sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), USA. With over 30 years of petroleum experience, managing integrated G&G projects, resource assessment and drilling operation in exploration and production, he founded IGS a G&G services company with 17 years in the market serving companies across the Latin America region. Jesus has authored over 30 technical papers and is a specialist in AVO and attributes for seismic reservoir characterization.

Jan 2017 - Present


Jesús Sierra in his role of CEO at ODS is in charge of leading and coordinating all executive, administrative and technical activities for the Company to ensure the functionality and execution of the main core business. Additionally, he defines the business strategies, searching of new investments and relation with investors. In his role of General Manager for Colombia, Jesús coordinates G&G technical activities and operational for the assets of the Company´s interest. (


MSc, Geophysics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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