Carlos Naranjo

Systems Engineer with 30 years of experience in Digital Photogrammetry, Operations Research, GIS and Logistic related software design and development

I am a Systems Engineer from UNIMET Venezuela with expertise in Software Design for Digital Photogrammetry and Mapping. Being one of the founders of Oficina Técnica Geosoft with more than 25 years of experience, I design many solutions that made our company shine as the only one in South America to develop soft copy technology for several years. Also, I have involved in Operations Research & Logistics Software development for more than 10 years allowing our customers to attain great success as Logistics service providers Both in Mexico and the US.



Go To Truckers Inc - Northbrook, IL, October 2016 to Present.

I develop all the software for the operations of a freight broker agency including load board technology, fleet monitoring, campaign generation and follow up, call center technology and intelligent agent technology in social networks. My work includes server, web and mobile applications in the cloud, mobile applications were made in android and ios. Right now, I'm working on artificial intelligence technology for freight brokering based on agents in social networks such as Facebook messenger and telegram. I develop call center technology that quadruple productivity of freight broker agents

Development Manager

Oficina Técnica Geosoft, C.A. - Caracas, Distrito Capital November 1992 to Present

I am in charge of technology development for a digital photogrammetry company. During all the years I have been there develop almost all the image processing software and all the digital photogrammetry software that the company use for its activities for more than 25 years. I create everything from orthophoto generation software, softcopy photogrammetry software , aerial triangulation software which make the company be on the competitive edge for many years.


Neus Technologies - Ciudad de México January 2010 to April 2017

I was part time consultant on Neus Technologies for many years and i envisioned design and build from the ground up most of the logistics based software that the company used for several years. I developed entire systems for fleet monitoring android distribution follow up in the consumer product DSD channel. Also develop route optimization technology to plan distribution of consumer products. The development was made over 7 years of work spanning server programs, web applications, mobile applications both in windows phone and android.


Maestría en curso Master Ciencias Computación Universidad Central De Venezuela - Caracas, Distrito Capital July 2001 to May 2003

Licenciatura terminada in Ingeniería Sistemas Universidad Metropolitana - Caracas, Distrito Capital September 1994 to May 2000


  • Delphi Developer (10+ years)
  • Android Developer based on delphi (5 years
  • IOS Developer based on delphi (5 years)
  • Operations Research Expertise (5 years)
  • Digital Photogrammetry Software development (10+ years)
  • Signal Processing (10+ years)
  • MySQL (10+ years)
  • Application Development (10+ years)
  • Software Development (10+ years)
  • AWS (5 years)
  • Image Processing (10+ years)
  • GIS Software development (10+ years)
  • Python (2 years)


  • Deep Learning Specialization. March 2018 to Present. Deep learning Specialization From taken at coursera. DeepLearning.AI TensorFlow Developer Specialization
  • August 2020 to Present. Deep Learning using Tensorflow specialization at
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