Interactive Workshop: Opportunities: Adoption or remission: what next for E&P?

Actus Veritas Geoscience

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Identify changes in post-COVID-19 business climate as opportunities.

It is a second step in a two-step process. Participation in Challenges and Opportunities modules is strongly encouraged.

The goal of the series is to see recent changes and challenges in light of possible opportunities.

Purpose: Part-2 - Assess opportunities for oil and gas professionals in a post-COVID-19 E&P business climate.

In our INTERACTIVE virtual workshops, recognizing that the industry is venturing into uncharted territory, we are proposing to use a new methodology in brainstorming to help push past cognitive biases. Workshops are designed for anonymous and active contributions from all attendees creating a safe space for anyone to offer a different perspective.  Learn the new digital language that connects different generations and benefit from the collective experience to shape the future.

Participants receive a report summarizing the outcomes of the workshop in the form of a presentation with clustered and analyzed insights.

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E&P experience

Proactive and positive attitude

Active, real-time participation

Ticket price 25.00 $US

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