Jurassic and Cretaceous Basin development in Guyana-Demerara and conjugate Guinea Plateau basins

Actus Veritas Geoscience

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Demerara and Guinea plateaus are plate-margin conjugate structures in South America and Africa, respectively. They have experienced at least two phases of non-orthogonal extension punctuated by a phase of transpressional deformation in the Early Cretaceous prior to the opened connection between Central and Equatorial Atlantic was established. Recent gravity, seismic data, well penetration records and dating of recovered material offer us an opportunity to fully integrate these data and to consider alternative models for the formation of the Demerara and Guinea marginal plateaus. We believe that the poly-phase structural origin of basement evolution better describes the primary origin and consequent subsidence patterns observed in time and space. The implication for this new structural model is critical to better explain temporal accommodation space development (subsidence patterns and driving mechanisms) for key Jurassic and Cretaceous SR and reservoir facies development, distribution, and sequence preservation.

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