The Cretaceous source rocks from East Venezuela – Trinidad-Guyana/Suriname basins, NE South America

One hour consultation with a full presentation first delivered and discussed at the First HGS/EAGE Conference on Latin America in November 2019. This conference focused on South American Petroleum Plays for Future Decades of the Third Millennium.

Abstract of the presentation is available in U3Explore reports under the same title.

The major contribution to the oil fields in East Venezuela and Trinidad are Cretaceous source rocks, Late Albian –Santonian in age. The Querecual Formation, from the Guayuta Group, is the source rock of the oil and gas from the giant and supergiant oil fields like Carito, Furrial-Musipan, Quiriquire, Great Oficina, Anaco Trend, and Santa Barbara oil fields, among others. The Orinoco Belt huge deposits of oil are aromatic-asphaltic oils biodegraded interpreted as originated in organic rich carbonate sediments, with some components of siliciclastic, deposited in an anoxic environment as the one described for the Querecual Formation at the type section and outcrops around the Pozuelos Bay, northern Anzoátegui state, southwest of the Cariaco Basin. Studies at the type section of the Querecual Formation described black shales, limestones and marls, rich foraminifera and other macrofossils, which were used to identify biostratigraphic zones from late Albian to Santonian, and a hiatus at the early Cenomanian. Paleowater depths were interpreted as middle to upper bathyal(based on microfossils content). Mainly micro laminated foraminiferal microfacies were linked to anoxic-dysoxic levels. Total carbon (TC), Total organic Carbon (TOC), inorganic carbon (Cinorg), and total Sulfur (tS), and the calcium carbonate concentration (CaCO3) were measured and interpreted: high values of CaCO3, of the TOC and planktonic foraminifera decreases from base to top, and were identified in strata from late Cenomanian, late Turonian, Coniacian and Santonian

Presentation Outline
  • General Introduction
  • East Venezuela Basin: General Stratigraphy, Cretaceous Stratigraphy and THE QUERECUAL FORMATION
  • Trinidad and Tobago, South Basins: General Stratigraphy, Cretaceous stratigraphy and THE NAPARIMA HILL AND GAUTIER FORMATIONS
  • Guyana and Suriname: Cretaceous Stratigraphy and THE CANJE FORMATION
  • Remarks
  • Acknowledgements
  • References and Bibliography

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