U3 EXPLORE Venezuela: Phase 1- Geology of Venezuela - Provide reliable earth science resources in a digital platform

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Marel Sanchez
U3 EXPLORE Venezuela:  Phase 1- Geology of Venezuela - Provide reliable earth science resources in a digital platform

A sponsored project aimed at creating an accurate and reliable digital knowledge repository with information on Venezuela's oil & gas resources, validated by highly qualified Subject Matter Experts (SME's) with local and regional knowledge.

What is it?

“Geology of Venezuela” is a first phase of the U3 Venezuela privately funded project aimed to rebuild Venezuelan energy sector and to reintegrate Venezuela into an international market


Why is it important?


Over the last 20 years, there was a lack of advancement in the science and technology in Venezuela’s Oil and Gas Industry. Political intervention by the government stopped the process of continuous investment into the development of the petroleum industry and the modernization of the universities. Lack of resources produced silos in the research in the universities creating non-digital information that has not been published by professional societies either in Spanish nor English.

Reliable data and information in Earth Sciences are required to rebuild Venezuela.


Phase 1 Goals


  • Recover geologic knowledge accumulated over a century of O&G industry activity
  • Capture current operational information in a storytelling format from Venezuela oilfield practitioners 
  • Provide a practical foundation for projects of high impact on social development in energy and mining industries, hydrology and land management, and environmental protection and preservation.
  • Initiate digital transformation of the Venezuela earth sciences


Our approach


A network of distinguished geoscientists will collaborate on the compilation of the trusted material and on reviews of the recent publications. The modern cloud-based digital platform, provided by the donor, is ready and available for the remote collaboration and publication of the results.


Who is affected by this problem?


Current operators and future O&G investors in the oil and gas and mining industries, every geoscientist or engineer, working with geological data and new generations of students studying earth and environmental sciences.


Who are the Beneficiaries?

  • Professionals working in the energy and mining industries, environmental, water, and land management companies.
  • Professional Geological, Geophysical and Petroleum Societies of Venezuela
  • International petroleum and mining companies operating in Venezuela 
  • Educators
  • Government institutions and local governments


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